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Hypertonium normalizes the blood pressure
without chemicals or side-effects!

Restore your blood pressure to the normal level with Hypertonium without damaging your health!

It reduces blood pressure to the level, appropriate for your age.

It makes the veins flexible , reducing the risk of the development of stroke and heart attack.

builds the body’s natural resistance thanks to the unique combination of rare ingredients

it does not cause addiction does not cause withdrawal symptoms and it's completely natural compound

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High blood pressure leads to serious health problems!

In lots of cases high blood pressure could lead to heart attack or stroke.
More than half of the patients will be permanently disabled!

The Silent Killer
Hidden High blood pressure on a daily basis destroys the heart, the brain, the kidneys, the eyes and the veins

It damages the body
Heart attack, stroke, dementia, paralysis and death

High blood pressure makes you powerless and
obstructs your free movement life is given to you – it has terrible consequences if high blood pressure is not treated.

Are you sure your blood pressure is normal?

High blood pressure triggers pathological processes in the body that lead to irreversible damage. Doctors call high blood pressure “the silent killer” because it hides behind many other common symptoms.

Check yourself before it’s too late.

Symptoms may differ from person to person and situation to situation, but if you experience at least one of these symptoms, it is very likely that you have high blood pressure:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness,Fast beating of the heart (tachycardia)
  • Increasedsweating
  • Flushed face
  • Eyelid swelling andpuffiness Morning
  • coolness
  • Memory degradation
  • Irritability
  • Decreasedsexual performance
  • Anxiety
  • internalpressure
  • Sense of pulsationin the head
  • blurred vision

How does Hypertonium differ from other medicines?

The uniqueness of Hypertonium lies in the fact that its components work synergistically completing and amplifying each other’s effect without causing addiction or bringing side effects. During During the treatment Hypertonium reduces blood pressure, eliminating the root cause of high blood pressure, reversing the autoimmune processes.

The World Organization of Cardiovascular Diseases scientist have tested the various natural ingredients for months, linking them and verifyingtheir functioning. As a result they developed the innovative GPT500 super-formula, which is unique in the world.

The extract from the Japanese pagoda tree (Sophora japonica)
Reduces blood pressure to the age appropriate level, supports the cardiovascular system and strengthens the wall of blood vessels thanks to its effects and its 23 vitamins
The extract of shiitake (Shiitake)
reduces the cholesterol levels, preventing the development of atherosclerosis, and accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues
The Astragalus (Astragali) extract
expands the blood vessels and increases the elasticity of capillaries thanks to the flavonoids and the tannins in its composition
The goatsbeard extract has
toning and immune stimulating effect, it helps the body to fight the disease

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$11 million was invested in creating Hypertonium

1.A GPT500 formula was completed after 5 years of studies carried out by independent pharmaceutical laboratories in the Philippines and Australia.

2.The development took more than two years to select the innovative formula based on the test results of the customers.

3.The extraction of active substances into a liquid tincture is a highly time-consuming and costly technology but it allows to retain the entire effectiveness of all ingredients.

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Opinions of those who have already used Hypertonium

Imagine how much your life would change after a single treatment with Hypertonium

Hypertonium: How to use?

Every day
Put 10 drops on a spoon

after meal
2 times a day

Period of use
1 treatment - 30 days

Do not waste your time, your chance to get rid of high blood pressure
is becoming smaller!

Do not waste your time, your chance to get rid of high blood pressure is becoming smaller! Well, is it worth it to wait fora heart attack, stroke andparalysis if the problem can be solved today? Hypertonium medicine is available only in limited quantities. The discount will end soon!

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